Communication and near-death experiences!


In order to be able to communicate, it is necessary to agree on the meaning of the words we intend to use. We call this form of agreement our language!


When we decide to call my car 'A.....' and your car 'B....',

then there can be no misunderstanding when we talk about our cars.

When we decide to call my body 'X......' and your body 'Y.....',

then there can be no misunderstanding when we have a conversation about our bodies.

When 'normal' people say I, they mean the self-created idea that they have as a result of identification with the individual interpretation of sensory reflections. Our 'ego' is the result of identification with the individual interpretation of sensory reflections.

When 'normal' people say I, they mean their EGO!!


It only gets confusing when I say 'I' or when you say 'I', because then suddenly we mean something completely different.
We both have a totally different image of our 'I' and yet we both say 'I' when we talk about our 'ego' and by that we mean an individual idea that is strictly speaking separate from the vehicle of experience with which we become aware of ourselves.

We have identified ourselves with the experiences of our experience vehicle, our body.


In spirit (our true self) we are identical, in soul and especially in body we are authentic.
Identification with our body gives us an internal identity, our 'ego' or 'I'.

External i-dentity also provides us with the i-Foon, i-Book, i-Mac, i-Tablet etc.

Identification with our authenticity is only a thought, an idea that drowns out our true self!

Our soul is therefore wrongly informed (programmed) and forces the spirit, in order to be able to correct this selfish error, to reincarnate.
He does not let go, the works of his hands!


During a so-called near-death experience, the body and the environment are perceived without identification.
At that moment there is no ego or I perceive it, because ego and I are bound to the unconscious body consciousness.
The perception during the near-death experience is the perception by the true self.
During the near-death experience the true self is relieved of the delusion of 'ego' or 'I' and is no longer limited to the body.
It is the same condition as during deep sleep with the difference that this is a matter of conscious experiencing.
Also during deep sleep the true self is freed from the physical limitations and free to experience.
The ego simply filters out these experiences and ensures that they remain unconscious.
This is how the 'ego', the near-death experience, is appropriated as soon as it wakes up.
The 'ego' is terrified of the experience (self-realization) of the true self, because this experience can mean the death of the 'ego'.

This experience is in reality also the death of the 'ego', the enlightenment of the 'I' delusion.

The belief in this delusion, unfortunately sees an opportunity to convince man of his right to exist and for lack of references, man will accept the hell of the 'ego', instead of the heaven of the true self. Ego' or 'I' is an idea that functions as an inverted spam filter, that constantly sees an opportunity to filter the true self out of consciousness.


Only when we say I without identification and by that we mean and experience our true self, communication is possible!
My true self is equal to your true self and one with all other true selves. There is only one true self, one consciousness, one unconditionally perceiving!

Your true self is unconditional! Your consciousness and my consciousness is the same consciousness!
Consciousness is not personal, not trapped in an image, an 'I' or 'ego' delusion.

Ego or I is the delusion of individuality, while our true self authenticity very much applauds.

Ego or I is the delusion of being something special when we are just a version of the same.

As an observation vehicle we are separated and authentic, as a consciousness we are one.

The observer, the observation and the observed are conditional, observing is one and unconditional.
Only the creator is unconditional, all that is created is conditional.