My pilgrimage on earth started in ‘46.
Many years and a lot of intermediate stops later,
I reached the goal of my journey .
Nothing spectacular is realized by me,
no world heritage has been created.
My only contribution is astonishment.
A lot of maps filled with notes and
a heap of trip reports are put away.
Questions are answered, there’s only being.




GENESIS: The source created the universe
as an image and human beings in his own image.
Starting with polarity and octave harmony, thereafter hexadecimal diversity and finally the decimal reality.
We are consciousness making a human experience. Our body is Gods home, a seven-time monitoring body, grasping trough the senses via external projections on virtual objects.
Our body experiences. We are aware!


The creation: As an image God created the universe,
saw it was very good as master of the universe.


Carne-Fall: As an image mankind created the ego,
thought it was very good as slave of the ego.


EXODUS; the promised land:
To become master of the ego, mankind have to find
the answer to the question:
"Gnothi seauton" “Who am I?” "TAT TVAM ASI"


LEVITICUS; the house rules:
Yesterday is the manipulatable attribute of no longer existing data. Space, experienced in your dreams
has the same quality during the day.
When the sun means consciousness,
the moon means personality.
When the sun means your true self,
the moon means your ego.


NUMERI; the life on earth:
We have one infinite repeating life accommodating to the experience called time. We are characters in a book who think they can impress the author. A book in many versions occurring as space. We may choose between caterpillar and butterfly, between me or we. Once we will conscously choose for we, by letting go of illusion.


Why not now? Narcissus choose for the knowledge
of good and evil (identification).
The tree of life (your, behind your ego hidden true self;
the sun during an eclipse) is waiting for you as you,
as the bewitched frog.


DEUTERONOMIUM; the memory:
For a moment, let loose of any thought like: “That’s me,
that belongs to me, that’s my experience, that’s what I know, that’s what I’ve done and that’s what I’m going to do”.
You can choose your thoughts like you choose your clothes.
Observe your breath for a while and don’t pay attention
to your thoughts. Liberated from the illusion of separation, there is still consciousness while body and senses are automatically functioning.
Leave your ego ballast beside and experience the joy of being. You’re not your body, you’re no-thing, you’re pure consciousness. Enjoy it! It’s our birthright.


To create a better world you have to discover the true self!





Existential paradox:

"You are not what you think you are,

you are what you think you are!"



Communication and near-death experiences!