Near death experience!


The concept, "Near death experience", is about two totally different experiences!

One is the result of being clinically dead with usually the corresponding tunnel experience,
while the other experiences the limitlessness of consciousness during unconsciousness.

In the first case (clinical death) one perceives oneself physically in an unknown environment.

In the second case (under general anesthesia) one perceives oneself outside one's own body.


This second case (consciousness under anesthesia) is first explained in detail below.

A patient is put under anesthesia and suddenly experiences himself outside his own body,

able to follow and remember everything that happens in the operating room during the operation.

The consciousness of the patient is, due to the anesthesia, suddenly capable of something unknown.

The consciousness of the patient is, due to the anesthetic, suddenly not bound to the body.


Materialistic science assumes that everything is measurable and that the universe consists of measurable things.
Materialistic science assumes that matter at a certain level of development also develops consciousness and
that consciousness is also a thing.

There are even scientists who think they can prove that consciousness is granular.


But consciousness is not a thing, consciousness is unconditional and things are always conditional!

So it is not that the form develops consciousness, it is consciousness that takes shape!

Nothing can take or maintain form without consciousness! Once consciousness has taken form,
consciousness is limited by this form.

Limited but still formless, unconditional!

This may create levels of consciousness, but consciousness is still not a thing.

Man can also be more or less conscious, more or less intelligent.

In other words, a drop of water or an ocean are both water.
For electricity it makes no difference whether it is used for heating, vacuuming, cooling or lighting.


Another word for consciousness is spirit and spirit is unconditional, spirit is not a thing!

We are spirit, we have a soul and a body. Soul and body are things, are conditional.

In addition, people have developed something peculiar about their third year of life.

About our third year of life we have started to say I if we meant ourselves.

In reality this is not about ourselves but about our body and its experiences.

These physical sensory experiences are interpreted by us.


So far nothing is wrong, but then people do something unique, something only people do.
He or she identifies with his or her own interpretations and the sum of these interpretations is an idea,
is our EGO to which we say I am.

Every time we say or think I, we form (program) this idea, this EGO.

We program our ego every time we say or think I, but that ego has no real value,
that ego is a programmable thought and as such a delusion.

We are attached to this delusion because we have come to believe that we are this delusion and that this delusion
is based on objective experiences rather than highly subjective interpretations.

The fact that they are subjective interpretations is not the problem, but the fact that we identify with them
means that our true self has been pushed into the background, displaced by an idea.


Because this idea is linked to things, to our body, this idea under anesthesia no longer has any influence
on our consciousness, on our true self, and we experience this consciously.

During deep sleep we are in the same state only most people don't experience this because then
the ego still suggests to be the boss.

The experience under anesthesia is also not a near-death experience, it is a pure experience of being enlightened,
the experience of being freed from the delusion of the ego!


Being enlightened means: "Become like the children and be rid of the identification with a self-created idea,
with the delusion called ego!"


It takes some explanation to understand how it works in case of clinical death and physical perception in an unfamiliar environment. Our human body, our observation vehicle, consists of four interlocking bodies; the visible or physical body, the etheric body, the astral body and the mental body. These four are also called the square of construction.
Clinical death is a human being when no heart or brain functions can be measured in the physical body.
The lack of brain functions says nothing about consciousness! In the state of clinical death, part of the ether body together with the astral and mental body is separated from the physical body and the rest of the ether body.


In this situation the consciousness perceives the so-called subtle bodies and experiences for example going through a tunnel. Unfortunately this is still a case of identification, even though it is a purely egoless experience!
The perception of an event, the experience of the possibility to perceive reality even without a physical vehicle, is here also the experience of enlightenment although the ego claims this experience when man returns to the waking state.


Man regains consciousness, but this consciousness is subordinate to the ego, the slave of his or her delusion.
Don't be fooled, being enlightened is your natural state, being enlightened is your birthright and only your ego stands in your way to experience this!


Eating the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil forms our ego and drove Adam and Eve out of paradise. They were found naked, i.e. they identified themselves with their bodies and therefore they couldn't eat from the tree of life under any circumstances, because then they would stay forever in this unpleasant situation.
Our bodies are mortal, but our true self is immortal. Immortal is only consciousness, for consciousness is not a thing!


If you find this whole story a bit vague, a bit glaring, then you have probably never wondered who or what you really are, how your body functions, or how it is possible that your belly is much more intelligent than your head.
In your body, modern techniques can show that thinking is accompanied by electrical impulses and that the contractions of your heart and the peristaltic movement of your bowels also function thanks to electricity.
Unlike your belly, your brain is not capable of multitasking.


Your body uses you 2/3 of your time more or less consciously and 1/3 unconsciously. Where are you then?
Do you only exist when you are awake, or do you also exist in deep sleep?
If you do not exist in deep sleep, then you are dead every night and are brought back to life every morning.
But in the meantime, your body ages visibly and noticeably.
If you ask yourself who you are and not what you have, then ultimately consciousness remains as the only option and consciousness is not a thing. Never let yourself be fooled into believing that you are a thing and try to experience what it is like to be just yourself.


What do immaculate conception, near-death experiences and sin have in common?
Adam and Eve sinned with, as explained above, all known consequences.
Belief in, and identification with, the ego obscures the true self and that is sin.
Sin because it destroys the original unity.
It is as Faust says: "Two souls dwell in my chest" and the real, true self is desecrated by the lower self, the virtual self, our ego. An idea (ego) takes, thanks to identification, the place of the true self. That is sin!! 


If there is no identification, the original unit is undamaged and man is whole or holy.
When this unity is restored we call it enlightenment! A person is enlightened when sin, identification with the ego is lifted and the true self can take its rightful place again. Mary and Joseph were members of the Essenes and familiar with this state of affairs. Without sin a person is holy, whole and sexual intercourse is not stained by sin.


Going out and sinning no more means nothing more than that you should not identify with the experiences of your body, your vehicle of experience. Not only Essenes were aware of the meaning and consequences of identification. Albigenses, Waldenses, Cathars, etc. also aspired to the same attitude to life and were persecuted and killed by the so-called Christian Crusades. It is time that near-death experiences were put in the right light and that this experience of enlightenment is no longer put to one side with the nonsense of an idea.


Our ego, our self-created idea and our identification with it have made the development of our individual consciousness possible and now give us the opportunity to consciously let go of it again and return to the paradisiacal state, which is our birthright. We are holy, we are enlightened, we are in essence (Essenes) without sins, only we realize that too little!


Near-death experiences give us the opportunity to experience egolessness.
Near-death experiences give us the opportunity to experience enlightenment.
Near-death experiences give us the opportunity to experience unity.
Near death experiences give us the opportunity to experience immaculate being.
Near death experiences give us the opportunity to experience being sin free.

Near death experiences give us the opportunity to experience our true self.


Our ego is a self-created idea to which we are literally attached! Our true self, freed from the ballast of ego-filters, means death for the ego! The ego experiences the near-death experience after man has realized his or her true self. Man experiences self-realization or enlightenment and when the ego then takes over authority again, this experience was a near-death experience for the ego, the ego has survived.



How is it possible that the most intense experience of being alive is interpreted as death? Only our ego can experience these so-called near-death experiences as a success! There are three ways to interpret a near-death experience: First of all, being freed from ego and sins, and experiencing the true self or enlightenment. Second, the ego experience that, just escaped enlightenment, seems to have escaped death. And thirdly, the ego, which appropriates the spiritual experience of being redeemed from the ego and thereby creates a spiritual ego. The creation of our ego is the only true sin we can commit as a human being and a spiritual ego is in this the most serious sin imaginable.




The above text has hopefully clearly explained that a near-death experience is actually
a near-life experience, a misinterpreted experience of our true self.