Motto of “the butterfly movement” is:


“realizing your true self can make a better world”.


Self-realization is the discovery of your self, the recognizing of your true being.

The drawee, the seeker suddenly realized who he or she really is.

The true self is experienced as soon as the image (our self-created ego) drops away.

When the clouds disappear we can experience the sun, when the identification with
the body-mind-system falls away we can experience our true self.
Our true self is like the sun, our ego only the moon.


Everything you got convinced, trough identification of who you are, disturb your true self. You can’t reach your true self by studying because you are it, you have never been anything else than it. You have learned to believe that you’re your physical awareness. You have physical experiences, you are your true self!


Synonyms for “self-realization” are: “enlightment, awakening, metamorphose,
self-knowledge, transformation, transfiguration, resurrection
from the grave and
being without
identifying thoughts.

Everybody knows about the metamorphose of the butterfly (egg via caterpillar and nymph
to butterfly). The Phoenix is not Harry Potters
animal, but the symbol of the resurrection or metamorphose of the true self.


This Phoenix (in Tibet called Me byi karmo) disband the illusion of ego and karma.

The illusion created through years of identification with physical sensory experience.

As soon as our thoughts and habits are gone (because of lack of interest)
self realization will be experienced.

In other words: “when we forget thinking who we are, we are already who we are”.
We're not something, we're no thing not even a ghost. We are unconditional awareness!
This nonlocal awareness are we forever.


Synonyms for “the true self” are: “true consciousness, unconditional love, unconditional joy, unconditional peace and wisdom”. Important here is the word unconditional.

Everything in the manifest world is based on conditions, is conditional.

Only that what doesn’t take space, unconditional, timeless and omnipresent is, fits as description for the true self. No description really fits, only experiencing counts.
The experience of that what’s always there, of that you didn’t knew you possessed it, of that you didn’t missed it because of your belief in your self-image, your ego selfy in which you so much invested. When you conscious or unconscious lose what’s untrue remain what’s true, immortal and basis of your destiny.


The true self will always realize the self.

Even when you don’t realize your true self, because of the attention for your image, you are and stay in the true self until you discover (your image, your ego-zip, your selfy unpacked) and experience what you really are. Unpacking in the meaning of paying no attention.

The butterfly is the symbol for the realized metamorphose, the truly realized self.


Purpose of “the butterfly movement” is:


“support of self-realization for world and humanity”.