ID-entity or individual?

We are not manipulated by politicians, lobbyists, bosses, church and state!
We are not manipulated by the illuminati, secret lodges or world organisations!
We are born as individuals but gradually become addicted to “our” ID-entity.
Our ID-entity is a thought-image, idea-entity, our ego, created by identification.

We humans come into the world as Avatars, and at birth we have an individual set of talents, characteristics, or apps. Avatars possess intellectual abilities (mind), character traits (soul) and a usually appropriate physical disposition (body). This combination of qualities forms your personality. But note that you are the pure perception of this personality or individuality.

You, as consciousness, have at your disposal your body and your talents, your unique individual perception hardware and software. You have a body, personality, individuality, perceptions, thoughts, experiences etc. that can only exist because they are perceived by you!

The human body is an innocent – perfectly functioning – bio-robot.
Bio-robots consist of about 33 trillion cells that communicate with each other and with your brain via a wired network (nerves) 3 billion times the length of your body. Each cell is a complete universe of 100 trillion atoms.

After several years of practice, this bio-robot is able to perform all primary tasks autonomously. The incarnated human, the true self, can now engage in the pleasures of Avatar “being” undisturbed. Undisturbed is meant to be human, free of impurities such as ID-entity or ego, the substitute (echo) for our true self.

You, or rather, that which you think you are did not exist in the first three years of your life
and does not exist when you are asleep. Realize, what that means for your age!

Perceptions and experiences are always individual interpretations of reality. Sensory perceptions are based on reflection of light, sound and other signals. Our ego is the sum of our identification with our perceptions or experiences, with talents or apps. Around the third year of life, people develop this delusion, an ID-entity consisting of masks, their own identity or ego.

These identity masks (personae) hide our true face and, as sin, obscure our true self. Because these sins need to be unmasked and this unmasking can often take many lifetimes, one speaks of original sin. The new incarnation inherits the package of unmasked masks.

When a human being identifies with and binds himself to his body and experiences, it is comparable to a smartphone that says – I just had a good conversation – or – I took a beautiful picture – or – I am so proud of my apps. But smartphones do not identify themselves, smartphones have no opinion, no identity, ID entity or ego.

You can consider the settings (configuration) of your smartphone and apps as the personal opinion of your smartphone. Your smartphone respects the opinions of other smartphones, because it does not identify itself with his or others’ opinions. Your smartphone is a good example of how to treat your fellow human beings respectfully. Just don’t identify, like in the following stories.

The empty boat
A monk decides to meditate on his own.
He leaves his monastery, takes a boat and rows to the middle of the lake. There he closes his eyes and starts his meditation. After a few hours of undisturbed silence, he suddenly felt the impact of another boat against his.
Still with his eyes closed, he felt his anger rising and when he opened his eyes, he was ready to lash out at the captain who dared to disturb his meditation. But when he opens his eyes, he sees that it is an empty boat that has collided with his. A boat that someone forgot to tie up and that now floats in the middle of the lake.
At that moment, the monk attains enlightenment.

Zen and the Art of ….…
In 1984 I experienced Zen and the art of cycling, or my near death experience.
As a notorious doer, reading was not my thing, but two books I had devoured at the time: Ouspensky’s “In Search of the Miraculous” and Orwell’s “1984”. During my bicycle rides, my being experienced Gurdjieff’s death of the ego. There was no cycling ego but Zen, the cycling without the cyclist. What remained was an understanding of the workings of the individual and of humanity, an understanding of Orwell’s vision and Mozart’s “Zauberflöte” in which the moon hates sunlight, just as bio-robots hate Avatars. Without sunlight no moonshine and without true self no reflective ego consciousness. To experience Zen is to be without ego, to experience Zen is: “A person who experiences being an Avatar.” Only Avatars perceive, bio-robots pretend! Seek and you shall find Zen!

Identification with experiences is one thing, but the identification with our bodies, with the bio-robot made available to us, is quite another. This identification makes us intensify our sinful being once again and reduce ourselves to a bio-robot. Instead of having a body, we are now this body, we have become a bio-robot, crucified to matter, the four elements or the square of construction.

How is it that, even in neurology, our consciousness plays no role? Thinking has thoughts and a thinker, but none of these three can exist without being perceived. Only Avatars perceive while bio-robots pretend! Bio-robots loathe Avatars as in Mozart’s “Zauberflöte” the moon hates the sunlight.

To this day, world affairs are ruled by bio-robots! Bio-robots do not realise that they are only reflective consciousnesses and as such can never serve the interests of the whole. The collective of bio-robots tries to control the world through NGOs without realising that no ego can exist without being perceived, no moon can shine without a star.

Avatars shine naturally while bio-robots do not tolerate this light
and deliberately put Avatars in a bad light.

As soon as man realises he is the unconditional observer,
as soon as man realises that he can never be what is observed by him,
the unmasking of the supposed observer, our ego, our identity, begins.

The unmasking is also called enlightenment. Just as we can dream enlightened (lucid), we can also enlighten our day consciousness by realising that we are the perceiving and not the perceived observer. This observer (ego) or substitute for our true self is the false (sinful) idea entity.

We have to let go of everything with which we have identified ourselves in this life and in the past. All our masks need to be unmasked so that the shining star of our true self can rise again as originally intended. Normal people have to learn to interpret experiences and memories without identity, to perceive without identification!

When we see a rainbow, it is an interpretation of the sunlight. You can be disturbed by the rain or delighted by the rainbow. The rainbow and everything visible is only visible through the light that is invisible to us. That invisible light is perceptible to him or her who perceives without identification.

To be enlightened is to perceive unconditionally without sins. How would it be when mankind discovers that being unconditionally happy cannot depend on anything or anyone? Our true self is like the sunlight and our ego like the moonshine.

People are born as sunlight but have come to believe they are the glow of the moon. People are Avatars who believe they are bio-robots. People confuse having with being, identity with individuality. People have forgotten their true light and are constantly searching for happiness, for their forgotten light. As a bio-robot, humans will never find the forgotten light! Only as an Avatar is man happy again.

Why are “normal” smartphones illuminated and “normal” people not?
Why is it that we think we are the echo (ego) of our true self?
Why is it that billions of people believe they become happy when their smartphone is happy?

It is literally a sin that we, as an opinionated smartphone, privatise God and reduce our true self to ego. Why do we believe we are a frog instead of a prince? Why do we allow ourselves to be tyrannised by that frog and, like in the fairy tale of the frog king, not just throw that frog against the wall?

Smartphones, like humans, have internal and external memory, an operating system and applications or apps. Apps are like our talents or characteristics. When we put our name on a smartphone, activate it and provide apps, it is comparable to incarnation. Your smartphone is now individualised and gains even more character traits through further installation and setting of apps.

Senses and apps interpret experiences, information or data. So far, humans and smartphones differ hardly at all. The big difference between humans and smartphones is that humans identify with their experiences, while smartphones do not. Identifying creates our constantly attention-seeking ego or artificial intelligence. Become like your Smartphone and you will be enlightened!

The motivation that drives all us humans to act is the desire to become happy.
But that which wants to be happy is itself the cause of not being happy.
We do not have a problem, we are, that is, our ego is the problem!

We have identified ourselves with things, such as our body, thoughts and experiences, whereas we are the perception of these things. It is time to realise that the rules of quantum physics also apply to normal physical phenomena. Nothing can exist without being perceived!

You can never be something that is perceived by you such as your body, thoughts or experiences!
We are the perceiving and not the perceived.
We are the unconditional perception of things.
Swami Muktananda called it, “God lives in you as you.”

We have come to believe that we are the reflecting glow, seeking radiant happiness.
We have forgotten that we are radiant light and unconditionally happy.
Everything we experience, we experience because we perceive it.

Why is it that “normal” people allow themselves to be manipulated like bio-robots,
even though they are, without exception, incarnated as Avatars?

As soon as we bio-robots realise we are Avatars,
as soon as NGOs are run by Avatars,
humanity will exchange the unhappy world of “having
for Zen and the paradisical world of being.

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